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If we decided to go to a Coffee Shop, chances are that we would do it for one of three reasons:

  1. Thirst.
  2. Novelty value.
  3. Experience tells us it’s the “best”.

It is the filling of our business with customers from the 3rd group and retaining them, which makes our business “world class”.

The success of the world class company depends on a combination of elements which must exist in any company striving to be world class, i.e.

  • Best Product
  • Best Service
  • Best Environment
Best Product
Products and services are driven by market requirement. They relieve the customer of financial risk by providing value for money. A good range of goods and services offers customers a choice. This empowers more potential customers to approach your business.
Best Service
People are the backbone of what is perceived as excellent service. The serving personnel in our world class coffee shop are not there to just sell coffee, but rather to meet and excel in the satisfaction of the customer experience.
Best Environment
The organisations environment (working conditions, atmosphere, corporate culture) is a measure of what the customer perceives is the degree of professionalism of the organisation. For an organisation to be world class, it must cater for the needs of a global business community.

The World Class Sales Process must focus on all of three key elements.

Best Product
The Product/Service Plan must be reviewed and established against the meeting of customer’s requirement for both choice and value for money.
Value for money is not about being the cheapest but about meeting customer expectations. Global customers in different markets will have different views of what is value for money. An example of this is a top of the range German car which is bought, depending on the market requirement, for reasons of reliability, or prestige, or safety, or comfort or innovation. Customers are prepared to sit on waiting lists for delivery of the car of their choice. Another example, is where manufacturers offer a range of models to empower potential top of the range buyers also to try “lesser” models.

The organisation to meet these needs must have processes in place that can identify/measure:

  1. Who are the customers?
  2. What is there requirement?
  3. What can we offer to satisfy this requirement?

The organisation needs to be integrated to be able to respond quickly to the matching of needs and capabilities. Integration should come through processes and systems (Customer Relationship Management, Key Performance Indicators, and more) which integrate the customer into all departments of the company.

Best Service
The Best Service Plan is all about how our people deal with the customer transaction from beginning to end and beyond. The best service plan lays out the identification, planning, developing and measurement of roles to meet all criteria of best service.
Best Environment
The Best Environment Plan is the final stage of the World Class Sales Approach. An audit of how the organisation is perceived by potential markets sets the scene for doing business on a global scale. The modern company image is not anymore just about people. The first point of contact is in many cases the company website and then possibly, a call centre. If potential customers do not like the look of your website (your coffee shop) then they will walk away and not return. All world class sales organisations do not necessarily have the best websites. However what they do have is the means to obtain feedback as to what can be made better.

The benefits of a world class sales intervention will have a substantial impact on all three key elements and thereby a long term financial benefit on the total organisation.

Best Product
Facilitation of the Product/Service Plan with all key stakeholders will ensure that the meeting of customer requirement process is logical and objective. A review of the existing systems will identify potential weaknesses in both operation and levels of ownership within the organisation. Where there is no facilitation, there is a chance of decisions being made based on what exists, rather than what is possible.
Best Service
Facilitation of the Best Service Plan will prevent the common organisation failing of developing the plan around individuals, rather than around organisation requirement. The conducting of a skills analysis will ensure that people development/staff training is geared to world class selling and organisational success. It will also ensure that all potential customer points of contact are trained. (Note: In the best coffee shop in the world, the supervisors, counter staff and serving personnel are all given customer orientation/sales training)
Best Environment
The Best Environment Plan will use a corporate image review to develop action plans which minimise costs while maximising effectiveness.
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