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Training Program
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Initial Contact:
Matching-up of training content to your business usually begins with a personal discussion. The aims of the training can be defined and a framework for cooperation agreed.
A proposal for training is then submitted and fine-tuned to your specific business situation to ensure a perfect training.
Ordering a Training
In-Company or Public Course?
The most effective arrangement is to hold training sessions outside the company at a venue near you, or at a location which is easy for the delegates to reach.
By including only people from your own company, the focus is exclusively on your own products and business.
Instead of several persons travelling to attend a public course, the trainer comes to the delegates. This reduces the time delegates are away from work and saves on hotel and travel costs.
Trainings can also be held on your own conference facility however it is important that delegates are not distracted by the proximity to work or disturbed by colleagues. In this way delegates can fully concentrate on the training.
Most training sessions last 2 days. Interval training is recommended. By allowing an interval of a few weeks between sessions, delegates have time to apply newly learned skills and practice before moving on to the next session.
Group Size
The ideal group size is 6 - 8 delegates (skills-based training); 10 - 12 participants for a seminar or lecture-type event (knowledge-based training); or up to 40 attendees for a workshop (group results).
For larger training events with many delegates, fellow trainers are available to train several groups simultaneously.
English and German.
Roll-Out to Subsidiaries
Trainings which are initiated in the head office can be rolled-out to foreign subsidiaries and adapted to local requirements. This promotes a common understanding and assures a uniform quality of training throughout the organisation.
Cost or Investment?
The trainer fee is usually the smallest part of the costs compared with the costs for employees who are away from their work, or more still, due to a lack of suitable training are not fully effective in their work.
Fees are negotiable depending on volume of trainings, aims, content and if a workshop, seminar, training or coaching is desired.
When the right trainer with the right methods and right content is hired, then added value is created and training becomes an investment, not a cost.
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