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06 - 07.10.2016 in Nürnberg
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11. - 12.04.2016 in Olching
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in Global Business"


Satisfied customers have been gained from a wide spectrum of functions and industries:

Airline services, automotive parts, banking, bio-medical equipment, building materials, call-center, chemicals, computer systems, industrial components, industrial gases, lab-services, machinery, pharmaceutical, retail.

All levels of management, customer service, project teams, technical support and sales personnel have been successfully trained.

Customer Testimonials:

"I thank Mr. Breadner for the excellent delivery of the 2-day Sales Power Training for my sales engineers from Western Europe and Africa. In the training, diverse and demanding situations with customers were simulated. At the end of every simulation, each participant received individual feedback and was given the possibility to practice and further improve performance. Mr. Breadners wide business experience, also in the field of "International Sales", was appreciated by everyone and made the training a complete success".

R. E., Manager Sales Western Europe and Africa, Manufacturer of Safety Automation Systems, Mannheim, Germany

"In the negotiation training for critical situations in our Japanese headquarters in Tokyo, Mr. Breadner provided us with a very customised and effective training. Especially his profound experience in sales and cross cultural topics helped the trainees to better understand their situation and further successfully develop their negotiation skills in a local and international context. In summary, a very valuable training with lots of fundamentals, real life cross cultural role plays, related industry examples and valuable personalised feedback".

J. S., Sales and Marketing Director, global automotive supplier

"We ordered several trainings for our sales people, inside and outside customer-service and project managers. The content of any seminar was exactly tailored to our needs. Our participants valued the realistic training scenarios and the widespread experience of Mr. Breadner. The expectation of being listed for the next training by Mr. Breadner has a highly motivational effect on our employees. Therefore, I am looking forward to continuing this cooperation".

U. T., Managing Director, Industrial Machinery Manufacturer, Bavaria, Germany

"Excellent training. Brilliant trainer. Very lively and enjoyable with practical role-plays. It was extremely beneficial for me and my colleagues".

C. F., Marketing Communication, Manufacturer of Industrial Lubricants, Munich, Germany.

"Very experienced trainer with a high-level approach. Seminars were very good and helpful with a lot of training possibilities and repetitions. All modules fit together perfectly".

P. K., Head of Solution Center, Industrial Components Manufacturer, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

"Impressive delivery of Train-the-Trainer program for our Sales Trainer in
Asia Pacific. Mr. Breadners expertise and experience combined with his motivating and practical training approach ensured successful and most satisfying results".

F. K., Human Development Consultant for Asia Pacific, Manufacturer of Automotive and Industrial Technology Products, Shanghai, China

"We have worked with Mr. Breadner over the past two years to optimize our training and presentation skills. The high expectations of our train-the-trainer professionals were met completely. Not only did Mr. Breadner help improving the qualifications on a very individual level, but he also identified room for improvement in our facilities and processes. Since then we have made a big step forward to high quality adult training and customer communication".

G. S., Training Manager, Healthcare Industry, Forchheim, Germany

"Eric Breadner quickly became our first choice in our search for effective Coaching. The quality of the in-company training confirmed that we had found exactly the right Trainer/Coach for our requirements. Content was delivered effectively in both a practical and individual manner. The design, easy to understand delivery and comprehensive evaluation, revealed untapped potential to our service team and developed personal, individual strengths. The training methods matched perfectly with our expectations as a service provider."

P. F., Vice President, Regional Support Center Europe, Manufacturer of Medical Equipment, Erlangen, Germany.

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