23. - 24.06.2016 in Fürstenfeldbruck
Successful International Business Competency
02. - 03.05.2016 in Landshut
Successful International Discussions
06 - 07.10.2016 in Nürnberg
Successful International Trade Shows
11. - 12.04.2016 in Olching
Successful Presenting to International Groups
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in Global Business"



All training courses or coaching are exactly matched to your specific business needs. They are easy to integrate into existing training and development programs.
Trainings which are initiated in the head office can be rolled-out to subsidiaries and adapted to local requirements. This promotes a common understanding and assures the quality of training throughout the organisation.
The following modules are matched to individual needs and organisational requirements. Different variations of the same training topic are possible.

General Management Development
Executive Coaching
Managing Teams
Intercultural Management
Managing from a Distance (Remote Management)
Conflict Resolution
Selling and Negotiating
Negotiating in Critical Situations (Buy / Sell)
Professional Selling (IKAM)
Selling for Technicians
Customer Service
Communication and Technical Support
Telephone Sales, Service and Hotline Support
Dealing with Claims and Complaints
Presentation and Communication
Advanced Presentation and Speaking Skills
Customer-Friendly Communication
Training of Stand-Crew for International Trade Fairs
Communication in Project Teams/Virtual Teams
Global Intercultural Training
Coaching for individuals and their families prior to, during, or following an expatriate business assignment


The focus in training is learning-by-doing by practicing with the trainer and delegates. Role play, short lectures, story telling, experience sharing, group work, case studies, audio- and video-analysis, combined with positive feedback and constructive criticism, add to the effectiveness.


After completion of the appropriate courses…

You gain understanding of how to quickly gain trust and build mutually rewarding relationships.

You strengthen your executive credibility, authenticity and motivate partners for your aims and ideas.

Your demeanour and impact is consistently professional, also in the international arena.

You communicate consistently with partners based on understanding, mutual respect and trust.

You persuade clients and customers more easily and secure mutually rewarding terms and conditions.

You create a motivating environment to manage partners from all cultures and reach business goals more easily.

You receive complete solutions from a single source.

Consulting Program
Business Re-Focussing
World Class Selling
Consultant Profiles